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1 Custom Tshirt Quilt DEPOSIT ONLY - Send Me Your Shirts and I'll Make You a Quilt, Pillow, or Wall Display!

1 Custom Tshirt Quilt DEPOSIT ONLY - Send Me Your Shirts and I'll Make You a Quilt, Pillow, or Wall Display!

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Hello there!!


This is a DEPOSIT to reserve your one-of-a-kind teeshirt quilt with border which will be hand-crafted and custom-collaged by Panic in Polkadots! Please read through the entire description for this DEPOSIT ONLY, and understand that the remaining balance is due prior to shipping your completed quilt.

Do you have a stack of old favorite tshirts that you just can't seem to get rid of? Do these shirts hold sentimental value, and remind you of spectacular events in your life? There is a way to keep these shirts close to your heart, and display them in a loving way: a tshirt quilt made out of your shirts! Send me your shirts!

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Instructions on getting your very own tshirt quilt:

1. Count your shirts and be sure you choose the right size quilt. I try to use as much of the item as possible, with respect to the graphics on each shirt. If you wish for me to use front and back designs, that counts as two shirts. Extra large graphics/tees may also count as two shirts. Please message me if you are unsure of size, or unsure of what other items or materials I am able to use!

2. Purchase this initial deposit which goes toward the price of the soft plush fleece backing, extra materials, and confirms your custom order with me. Once purchased, I will supply you with an address to send me your tshirts.

Pillow Cover: $10 INITIAL DEPOSIT, 20X20 inches, 1 shirt                                                                                                 Wall Hanging:$10 INITIAL DEPOSIT, 12x20  inches, 1 shirt                                         
Medium Standard Throw: $30 INITIAL DEPOSIT, 50X60 inches, est. 20-30 shirts        
Large Twin Quilt: $45 INITIAL DEPOSIT, 60x80 inches, est. 30-40 shirts

3. Secure your items for shipping. I suggest rolling tees like you would pack a suitcase, or folding them neatly. I do not recommend pre-cutting items, as I need a decent border around each design, and I recycle the remaining shirt pieces. If possible, ship in a box that is no longer than 12" on either side, or a flat-rate box.

4. Be sure to include instructions on which items you'd especially want to highlight, or items to not include in the design. Please also choose a few options for fleece backing colors and various options for border colors/fabrics. OR, you may leave it up to me, based on the designs of your shirts. I aim to be inspired by your shirts to form a cohesive design, and to create something that you will cherish.

5. Once a quilt, pillow cover, or wall hanging is COMPLETED, I will create a custom listing for you with the remaining COMPLETED balance of your quilt. Completed balance is due prior to shipping out your finished handmade custom quilt, and final price includes U.S. shipping back to you:

 Pillow Cover: $30 balance due (TOTAL PRICE OF PILLOW COVER: $40)                                                                                                 Wall Hanging: $40 balance due (TOTAL PRICE OF WALL HANGING: $50)                                          Medium Standard Throw: $190 balance due (TOTAL PRICE OF QUILT: $220)
Large Twin Quilt: $285 balance due (TOTAL PRICE OF QUILT: $330)

6. My turnaround time is typically a couple of weeks, up to a month, upon receiving your t-shirts. Depending on how large and how detailed your quilt may be, this may take a bit longer. Please message me with time concerns, and I will do my best to accommodate.

7. Finally! Receive your quilt and awe at the cuddle factor! Be sure to write me a review if you love it!

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